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Word Unscrambler

What is Word Unscrambler

Word Unscrambler is a tool that finds high scoring words for Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordle and other word games. Turn any letters into hundreds of playable words! Supports TWL, Sowpods, WWF and other dictionaries. Sort words by value and length and view definitions. Word Unscrambler is extremely fast!

Word Unscrambler is an easy to use online website for unscrambling and finding the best word to play which is usually by value. You can generate words for Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordle TextTwist, and many more games. Just enter your letters and press Unscramble It! and words will be displayed.
Word unscrambler lets you cheat in games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. A waterfall of words that seem never ending. Our word finder displays the score value so you can play the highest scoring word. If you have cookies on your settings will be stored so you don't have to reset them after each search.
Also, Word unscrambler is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Learn a new word each day. Click on a word and see the definition.
And yes we are one of the original SCRABBLE cheat, SCRABBLE word finder, SCRABBLE dictionary, on the web that every other site has copied. The other SCRABBLE websites will look just like ours ( because we did SCRABBLE cheat right). We were always a hobby site and will provide as much fun as we can with Word Unscrambler.

How To Use Word Unscrambler

1) Find Bingos with Word Unscrambler. Bingos use all 8 letters and gives you 50 additional points.
2) Use blanks/wildcards, just enter ? in the textbox ( RTEASG?????) , up to five, and Word unscrambler will turn them into letters and words that are playable.
3) Choose the right dictionary from the drop down. TWL is for the USA, SOWPODS is for Europe, ENABLE is for Words with Friends.
Just select the right the dictionary for you and Word Unscramble will use it in the word lookups.

Go for the Bingo!

When you use all seven of your tiles in one turn, you receive a 50-point bonus on top of the points earned from the word itself. This can lead to a massive score increase and can often be a game-changer.

Feel great! You just got a Bingo! You have excellent 'Board Awareness'. Time to feel good about yourself! You have achieved a high level of skill and strategic thinking. You have made the best use of your tiles!

Playing that bingo have a huge psychological impact on your opponent. You just got a huge boost of confidence while discouraging your opponent with the fact you have the capability to play such high-scoring moves again.

Daily Word Unscrambler Fun

Funny thoughts on Minions playing a game of Scrabble
In a cozy corner of Gru's lab, the Minions have gathered around a small table, intently focused on a Scrabble board. Bob, with his trusty teddy bear Tim beside him, is struggling to arrange his tiles into a coherent word. Kevin, sporting his usual leaderly air, is deep in thought, tapping his chin with a tile. Stuart, with one eye half-closed in concentration, seems more interested in finding ways to sneak in Minion-speak words like "banana" and "bello."

The Scrabble board itself is a chaotic mix of legitimate words and Minion gibberish. Words like "BANANA" and "BOB" are proudly displayed, alongside invented words like "BLURBLE" and "GAFLORK." Tiles are scattered everywhere, and some have even ended up on the floor in the Minions' excitement.

Kevin finally places his tiles on the board with a triumphant grin, spelling out "BANANA" and scoring a respectable number of points. Bob giggles and claps, knocking over a pile of tiles in the process, while Stuart strums a tiny guitar, providing a celebratory tune. The game continues with much laughter, confusion, and the occasional banana break, proving that even in their silliness, the Minions can find joy in the simplest of games.

Wordle (Wordle Solver)

Why do people love the new fantastically popular word game Wordle . You only get to play it once per day so why all the fuss. It is just fun to see how few tries it takes to solve the word. You get just enough clues to keep you guessing and it is a single player game you can play anywhere. Our Wordle solver is here and free to use.
I have built AI algorithm to try to find the best strategy at guessing the Wordle. Now I am progressing to using linguistics to find the Wordle in the fewest Word Unscrambler attempts. I am learning a lot more about languages and I can document my progress here.
This Wordle solver uses the same code as Word Unscrambler. It can display all the 5 letter words and I find the obvious word fits, wins. For example, if AMIDO and TIMED show I choose TIMED. Wordle uses common words I find. Four guesses seems to be the usual and the hunt is on to figure out how to constantly get the Wordle in 3 guesses. Here is Wordle fan page and the Wordle solver is here.

Why use Word Unscrambler?

The main reason is to cheat and find words you would not normally think of. How many times have you stared at your letters and can't think of a word? Not so fast! Just enter those letters and click Unscramble It! and you will be amazed at the words you can use. You will never be stuck again in Scrabble or Words with Friends. Even find words for Wordle Wordle

Advanced Options

First select the correct Dictionary. TWL is for USA,Canada, and Thailand for Scrabble. The rest of the world uses Sowpods for Scrabble.
Starts with means the word must start with the letter(s) you enter. Note you can use all these filters together or just one or none.
You can set minimum length and maximum length of the words you want returned.
Check any checkboxes you desire
Choose how you want to sort the words. Right next to sorting is the font choices.
Return top dropdown sets how many words to return. Setting Word Unscrambler to return 500 words based on your sorting. If 800 words are found only 500 would be returned. So make sure this number is set to your need in the Word Unscrambler options. Remember the fewer words you select to be returned the faster your results are generated.
Finally you can click a color to set a theme for the website.

Word Unscrambler Code

The Word unscrambler database is being boosted to support 8 wildcards so you can do Q???????? and get lots of nine letter words back with Q for example.
We created and shared the Scrabble word finder code. We had a link called Scrabble word finder download and requested users just give us a link and a thank you. Unfortunately none of the other Scrabble word finder sites chose to so we took the code down this last month of 10-25-2021. Feel free to email us at unscramble words for any questions.
We are working on malware protection programs now and if we can keep the price under $100 a month we will release it. When our Scrabble word finder system got hacked along with the database we started looking into how to detect viruses. We studied the malware attempts and we started a code project to block them. It is still in beta but if successful we will put up a link called Scrabble word finder malware blocker and do it at cost to cover the programming and updates of the malware list. Every week more malware is released that must be detected and blocked.

Best use of Word Unscrambler is to improve your vocabulary. Just click on words to see the definition. You will find many words you never knew existed and if you only learn one new word a day that is 365 new words. Take the letters reyuuoips and find the word OSPREY and click to see the definition: A large fish-eating bird of prey.
Each day you can use word unscrambler to increase your vocabulary. On a bus or taxi or plane or anywhere. This word finder memory exercise will make you talk and write better.
We have other initiatives we started for word unscrambler. A new Scrabble word finder engine with new features. Faster word unscrambling. And a new user tool for Scrabble word finder users that if we can make work will enhance your online experience for Scrabble and Words with Friends.

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email: support
privacy policy

Differences between the Dictionaries

For SCRABBLE users there is the TWL created for SCRABBLE®. It stands for Tournament Word List and there is 2006 and 2018 version. The TWL is for use in American, Canadian, Israeli and Thai club and tournament play. This is why you want to use the correct SCRABBLE word finder based on what country you live in. SCRABBLE users in other countries use the SOWPODS dictionary. It is important to choose the correct dictionary in your games. Our SCRABBLE word finder lets you choose which dictionary to use. Words with Friends has their own dictionary and a new dictionary for Words with Friends 2. The words you get back are based on the dictionary you choose. We find the correct words so you don’t have to go through all the words yourself. We aim to be the fastest word finder that will always let you play the highest point word. You can call this a Words with Friends cheat tool or a Words with Friends word finder.

Words that Start With & End With

words that start with A    words that end with A
words that start with B    words that end with B
words that start with C    words that end with C
words that start with D    words that end with D
words that start with E    words that end with E
words that start with F    words that end with F
words that start with G    words that end with G
words that start with H    words that end with H
words that start with I    words that end with I
words that start with J    words that end with J
words that start with K    words that end with K
words that start with L    words that end with L
words that start with M    words that end with M
words that start with N    words that end with N
words that start with O    words that end with O
words that start with P    words that end with P
words that start with Q    words that end with Q
words that start with R    words that end with R
words that start with S    words that end with S
words that start with S (2)    words that end with S (2)
words that start with T    words that end with T
words that start with U    words that end with U
words that start with V    words that end with V
words that start with W    words that end with W
words that start with X    words that end with X
words that start with Y    words that end with Y
words that start with Z    words that end with Z

Adjectives that Start With

Food adjectives    
Strong adjectives    
adjectives that start with A    
adjectives that start with B    
adjectives that start with C    
adjectives that start with D    
adjectives that start with E    
adjectives that start with F    
adjectives that start with G    
adjectives that start with H    
adjectives that start with I    
adjectives that start with J    
adjectives that start with K    
adjectives that start with L    
adjectives that start with M    
adjectives that start with N    
adjectives that start with O    
adjectives that start with P    
adjectives that start with Q    
adjectives that start with R    
adjectives that start with S    
adjectives that start with T    
adjectives that start with U    
adjectives that start with V    
adjectives that start with W    
adjectives that start with X    
adjectives that start with Y    
adjectives that start with Z    

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