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Below lists how many times a letter appears in the displayed words.
Letters are ordered by most used first.

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Green letters mean the right letter in the right spot so you put these letters one of the five textboxes. Yellow means a letter that is in the word but in the wrong spot so you put this in middle box. Gray letters mean a letter that is not in the word in any place so it goes in the last box. We have a fan page to learn more.
We also included an extremely valuable and informative picture showing each letter and its percentage use in every position from one to five. This is invaluable when you enter your first word and you want to see which letter fits best in the second position. So if you find T is in the first spot then R is more likely than S to be in the second spot. Then check the chart to see what other letters rank high in the second slot that go next to a T. Then you can assume the word is TR then what best comes next and so on. So we include this picture here for your benefit.


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