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Below lists how many times a letter appears in the displayed words.
This chart shows key information on a letters frequency of showing in every spot from the first letter to the fifth letter.

Most popular letters
E (in 11.16% of words)
A (8.45%)
R (7.58%)
I (7.54%)
O (7.16%)
T (6.95%)
N (6.65%)
S (5.74%)
L (5.49%)
C (4.54%)
U (3.63%)
D (3.38%)

The most common two-character sequences are:

th he an in er nd re ed es ou to ha en ea st nt on at hi as it ng is or et of ti ar te se me sa ne wa ve le no ta al de ot so dt ll tt el ro ad di ew ra ri sh

Wordle Solver

Wordle is the latest game for word fanatics . You get six guesses to figure out the word. The word is always five letters long. As you guess a letter turns green if it is the correct letter in the correct spot. It turns yellow if it is a letter in the word but in the wrong spot. And it turns gray if the letter is not in the word anywhere.
They key is to get off to a good start. So what is the best word to start with? I like to start with ADIEU which covers vowels. I was shocked at the need for strategy in Wordle. I know a friend who always goes with three words no matter what. He plays STARE DOING LUCKY to cover alot of letters and it works for him. If you use this strategy try to cover the most letters in 4 words which are JUNKS WHOMP CALYX FRITZ and you are left 2 more guesses to get the Wordle. Wordle experts say ROATE is the best word to start with. Wordle experts claim you only need five guesses and never six doing this strategy. I talked to Wordle experts and asked what the first word they use in Wordle and they answered got RAISE RAILE SOARE ARIEL ADIEU STEAK TREAD TABLE AUDIO. These experts tell me none of the Wordle words end in S. This could change since the New York Times bough Wordle. I asked how they handle duplicate letters and this stumped the Wordle experts. The best tip is to have fun and maybe use fun words to challenge yourself and start with GLYPH PSALM COATI.

My AI engines first word picks

Took a day and entered variables into my Wordle AI engine and let it crunch the words for hours and here are the top three words my Wordle AI engine produced: SLICE TRIED CRANE

Wordle and Linguistics

Scrabble® Cheat is perfect to use linguistics to solve the Wordle. The Scrabble® Cheat engine lets you filter out words and tie letters to spots and has the + symbol to specify how many blanks appear between letters. This special capability of Scrabble® Cheat is what we use here to solve the Wordle in three guesses.

Our sorting technology and database schema just happen to be perfect to create a Wordle Solver. We have a Wordle Cheat engine that takes all five letter words and uses our current double check engine to remove words that do not include known letters. Then the World Cheat engine pulls out the words with proper positioned green letters and yellow letters. We have been working on games so similar to Wordle it made us laugh.
Always remember even if you fail you still win. How? Well you are increasing your vocabulary! This is easily done by clicking on the word and viewing the definition. This is a Wordle win win. But you should never fail to find the Wordle when using our Wordle Solver. If you have any ideas for our Wordle solver please contact us!

How did Wordle start?

Wordle is a web based word game created by Josh Wardle. He has not created an app for Android or iPhone. Wardle created Wordle to play with his partner and going public on October 2021. The game gained became a hit when he let users copy their daily results as emoji squares on Twitter.

Even Jimmy Fallen got into the Wordle craze

Enjoy our Wordle word finder and share our SCRABBLE ® Cheat tool

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