FAQ and TIP: Words End with J

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some common words that end with 'J'?

A: Some common words that end with 'J' include "hajj" and "taj" (as in "taj mahal"). There are very few common English words that end with 'J'.

Q: Are there any technical or specialized terms ending in 'J'?

A: While it's rare, some specialized terms or abbreviations might end in 'J', such as "Proj" (short for "Project").

Q: Why are words ending in 'J' so uncommon in English?

A: The letter 'J' is not commonly used at the end of English words due to phonetic and etymological patterns in the language. It is more common in transliterations from languages like Arabic.


Tip 1: Focus on Origin

Understand that words ending in 'J' are often borrowed from other languages. Learning about these words' origins can help with spelling and usage.

Tip 2: Practice Specific Words

Since there are few words ending in 'J', focus on memorizing the specific ones, like "hajj," "taj," and any others you encounter.

Tip 3: Use in Context

Use words ending in 'J' in sentences to get familiar with their context. For example, "The pilgrimage to Mecca is called a hajj."

Below is a list of words that end with J
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