We have found lemma(root) word of fading : fade.


[feɪd], (Verb)

- gradually grow faint and disappear
(e.g: the light had faded and dusk was advancing)

- (with reference to film and television images) come or cause to come gradually into or out of view, or to merge into another shot
(e.g: fade into scenes of rooms strewn with festive remains)

- (of the ball) deviate to the right (or, for a left-handed golfer, the left), typically as a result of spin given to the ball
(e.g: the ball faded toward an area left of the green)

- (in craps) match the bet of (another player)
(e.g: Lovejoy faded him for twenty-five cents)

- do a fade

Middle English (in the sense ‘grow weak’): from Old French fader, from fade ‘dull, insipid’, probably based on a blend of Latin fatuus ‘silly, insipid’ and vapidus ‘vapid’

[feɪd], (Noun)

- the process of becoming less bright
(e.g: the sun can cause colour fade)

- a shot causing the ball to deviate to the right (or, for a left-handed golfer, the left)
(e.g: when they get to the 18th the ideal shot is a fade)

- a haircut in which the hair is left long on top of the head but cropped close to the sides and back with the length of hair gradually decreasing
(e.g: a fade is extremely versatile and can be adjusted to different hair types and lengths)

- do a fade


definition by Oxford Dictionaries