[dɪˈlɪv(ə)ri], (Noun)

- the action of delivering letters, parcels, or goods
(e.g: allow up to 28 days for delivery)

- the process of giving birth
(e.g: injuries sustained during delivery)

- an act of throwing, bowling, or kicking a ball, especially a cricket ball
(e.g: he reached 59 runs off only 42 deliveries)

- the manner or style of giving a speech
(e.g: her delivery was stilted)

- the supply or provision of something
(e.g: a mechanism for rapid delivery of bile into the duodenum)

- the acknowledgement by the maker of a deed that they intend to be bound by it.

- take delivery of

late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French delivree, feminine past participle of delivrer (see deliver)

definition by Oxford Dictionaries